Personal Projets

  • Home Lab Server/Network VMWare ESXI, Netgear Linux and Windows virtual machines
  • Media Design with Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere
  • Backup/Restore Services using Veeam
  • Web Design and Hosting using Linux, PHP, MySQL and Content Management systems
  • YouTube Pubishing

Skill Set Sample

  • VMWare ESXI
  • Linux Server
  • NGINX and Apache
  • Adobe Media editing
  • Winodws Server
  • Hyper-V
  • Active Directory
  • Cisco Management
  • Firewall Configuration

Employment History

'Government Setting'
Interm Engineer | 2022 - Current
Network Administrator | 2016 - Current
IT Technician | 2014 - 2016
With the 'Government Setting' I provide support for the Cisco based network both wired and wireless, monitoring and updating the network firewall running on a Palalto appliance as needed. Along with this also some upper level technical support for users.

With a reduced staff I provided other services outside of my job scope. This includes Network Administration, Server Administration Web Design and Content as well as day to day technical support.
Most services run on a Microsoft and Cisco infrastructor with some Linux and other vendors.
  • Cisco iOS
  • Windows Server
  • Palalto Firewall
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • GFI Products
  • VMWare VSphere
  • Veeam Backup/Restore
  • ZoHo Desktop Central
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Confrencing Systems
'Casino Setting'
IT Technician | 2013 - 2014
At the 'Casino Setting' I provided support for gaming and hospitality equipment both remote and on site. Common services supported include Windows clients, IBM AIX interfaces, retail systems and data center support.
'Newsprint Publishing Setting'
Administrator | 2006 - 2009
With the 'Newsprint Publishing Setting' I managed two Red Hat linux servers that powered the advertising for newsprint. End users accessed these applications through NoMachine to run the linux applications on windows clients. Some Windows Server/Database Support and Administration was required.
Additional duties included graphic editing and optimization for use in newsprint, page layouts for the pagination team and general hardware and software support.
  • Linux Redhat
  • SCS Layout and Advertising software
  • Windows Server
  • NoMachine
  • Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop,inDesign
'Internet Provider Setting (ISP)'
Senior Customer Service Rep | 1997 - 2005
At 'ISP' I setup and maintained multiple Linux Servers using Red Hat, Fedora and slackware. These servers were used for large scale email spam and malware filtering, web hosting and monitoring network equipment.
Network Administration using Cisco Router, switches and modems for end to services was required as well. I also provided hardware and internet support.
  • Linux RedHat, Fedora, Slackware
  • Mail Spam/Malware filtering Postfix,Sendmail,iMail
  • Web Services with Apache and IIS
  • Network Monitoring with MRTG and WhatsUpGold
  • Cisco IOS
  • Windows Server NT/200
  • Windows 3.1/95/98/XP

This page. At onetime it was hosted at blogger just for a simple... whats going on online log. After that it turned into a website for my write in campaign for political office. It sat in limbo for years until recently and is this current site now.

Site was created through Linux Command line, mostly with Nano but a little in vi. Using the bootstrap CSS/JS framework. PHP for the timestamp and Contact information.

Started in 2001 by "Bob" as a RSS Feed agrigator. Site was designed by "Bob" and "Gerry" with myself managing the webserver. In 2020 I took over the site soley when Bob and Gerry retired. In 2020 and 2021 Much of the back end of the website was rewritten and site moved to DigitalOcean with more redundancy.

Services used during my time with the website. Ubuntu Linux Server, Apache and NGINX web services, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Simple BASH scripting, basic JavaScripting some perl. Hosting companies through the recent years have been Linode and Digital Ocean.

Orginal site deployed in the mid to late 90's and domain purchased in 1999 by "Bob" as a place to find free software. ShellCity was a major influencer in the late 90's and early 2000's.

I took over the site in the early 2010's and rewrote the site while staying true to the orginal site concept. Services used include Slackware,Ubuntu linux, PHP, MySQL and HTML/CSS.

Site started in the late 1990's and was a well known source for web design information and general tech news. Site was abandoned for many years an recently reaquired.

Site currently used as a generic list of projects. It also hosts a COVID CDC Data web app that can pull data directly from the CDC site. using PHP,MySQL and Shell scripting

After getting asked to do sports writing for fansided by Jason Rollison who was the co-editor at the time I decided to create my own site.

I was not able to keep up with the site and now it acts as a wordpress test site.

My current youtube channel. Content is generally Game,Music and Technology.

OpenBroadCast, Adobe Photosop, After Effects and Premeire are the primary tools used to create and publish videos.

Created with NANO
With BootStrap Framework
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Monday, May 29 2023 23:02 UTC
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